1 Day Management Workshop for Security ICS/SCADA Systems

This 1-day workshop is designed for managers, control system engineers, technicians and security professionals with little or no experience of securing ICS/SCADA systems. This course provides a high-level overview of the key issues and practices when securing ICS/SCADA environments.

Participants will learn about the security threats that are unique to ICS/SCADA systems and the inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Programmable Logic Controllers (PCL) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) through the use of real-world examples, and the frameworks and standards available to help develop an effective ICS/SCADA cybersecurity strategy.

Note: The content of this course is covered in more depth during the 5-day Securing ICS/SCADA Systems course. We recommend that attendees register for one course or the other, but not both.

Who should attend?

This course is for managers, engineers, technicians and security professions who want to gain an understanding ICS/SCADA security.

Course Outline

  • Security threats to ICS/SCADA systems
    • Threats to ICS/SCADA systems
    • ICS/SCADA vulnerabilities and weaknesses
    • Cybersecurity 101
  • Defending ICS/SCADA systems
    • SCADA security model and strategic planning
    • ICS/SCADA security architecture and design
    • Overview of the security controls for protecting ICS/SCADA environments
    • Overview of ICS/SCADA Security Frameworks and Standards


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Participants will receive a hard copy of the course material.

Course Fees



Wellington: Please enquire.

Auckland: Please enquire.