5 Day Course for Securing ICS/SCADA Systems

This 5-day course is designed for control system engineers, technicians and security professionals working in ICS/SCADA environments. Participants will learn about the security threats that are unique to ICS/SCADA systems and the inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Programmable Logic Controllers (PCL) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) through the use of real-world architecture and deployment examples.

The course deep dives into instrumentation, I/O, control techniques, automation theory, HMI visualisation, data archival systems and protocols (including OPC, ModbusTCP, and EthernetIP) to provide a thorough understanding of how ICS/SCADA systems work. It also presents a methodology for planning and safely executing security testing within ICS/SCADA environments with over 20 hands-on exercises performed in a portable SCADA lab that contains over 15 different PLCs, RTUs, RF, and telemetry devices.

Who should attend?

This course is for engineers, technicians, security professions who are responsible for protecting or testing the security of ICS/SCADA environments.

Course Outline

  • ICS/SCADA technologies
    • Classification of various types of ICS/SCADA systems
    • ICS/SCADA technical sub-systems
    • Inputs, outputs and sensor networks
    • Controllers, embedded systems and PC-Based control
    • ICS/SCADA protocols and applications
  • Wireless technology and ICS/SCADA system security testing (passive techniques)
    • Wireless technology in SCADA and Smart Grid environments
    • VSAT and cellular modems in ICS/SCADA environments
    • 802.11 Wi-Fi
    • Wireless penetration testing techniques
    • Overview of ICS/SCADA system security testing
    • ICS/SCADA vulnerability assessment methodology
  • ICS/SCADA system security testing (active techniques)
    • Common ICS/SCADA vulnerabilities
    • ICS/SCADA testing recap (passive vs. active)
    • Red team exercises
    • Introduction to the Kali Linux environment
    • Netcat
    • External penetration testing techniques
    • Internal penetration testing techniques
  • Exploiting ICS/SCADA Systems
    • Understanding the exploitation process
    • The Metasploit Framework
    • Exploitation with Metasploit
    • Building custom exploits with Metasploit
  • ICS/SCADA Defence Techniques
    • Strategies for Security ICS/SCADA environments
    • Overview of ICS/SCADA Security Frameworks and Standards
    • ICS/SCADA security architecture and design
    • ICS/SCADA remote access considerations
    • Security event logging and monitoring
    • Deploying IDS/IPS solutions
    • Securing end-point devices in ICS/SCADA environments


Attendees will need bring a laptop that is capable of running virtual machines.


Participants will receive a hard copy of the course material.

Course Fees



Wellington: Please enquire.

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