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A starting point to help you with your security concerns

It can be hard to work out the level that you need to go to to meet you obligations to securely manage the collection and processing of personal information. There are a number of laws and regulations that you may need to comply with.

We have developed several tools to help provide a starting point for you.

Our Privacy Threshold Assessment tool will help you work out whether or not you need to complete a formal Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for a system that you may be thinking of implementing. That will assist you in meeting your obligations under the New Zealand Privacy Act (1993). It may also help work out whether you should complete a PIA for an existing system you may operate.

Our GDPR Assessment tool will help you understand whether or not you should be concerned about the EU General Data Protection Regulations, that took effect on 25th May 2018.

Note that these tools are not intended to replace professional advice.

Here are links to our privacy and NZ GDPR toolsets.

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GDPR & Privacy threshold Tools

Select between GDPR or Privacy Threshold tools below to find out if you may need to reconsider your privacy policy.