Secure by design

Today, organisations are dependant on information systems to support the delivery of their business processes. As a result, information systems have become both more complex and critical to the long-term success of many organisations.

Security vulnerabilities that are discovered after a system has been deployed are exponentially more expensive to address; despite this security is frequently still an afterthought. The most effective and least expensive time to address security is early in the development lifecycle.

Organisations are increasingly exposed to security threats that can have a catastrophic effect on their business objectives. Architecting systems that are resilient to the changing threat landscape is critical for organisations seeking to exploit the opportunities presented to them through the use of technology.

Our Architecture Services

Enterprise Security Architecture

Enterprise Security Architecture is an effective way to develop a security strategy that truly supports and enables your business goals and objectives. It provides you with a comprehensive, systematic and business-driven approach to establishing the governance, risk and assurance capabilities required to achieve your desired business outcomes.

It includes the specification of the security services you require to effectively manage your information security risks, together with the architectural blueprints and patterns needed to implement them. The Enterprise Security Architecture provides two-way traceability to ensure the specified security services and capabilities can be justified and are complete.

An Enterprise Security Architecture enables you to maximise the opportunities associated with your use of technology whilst minimising the related risk. It also enables you to reduce costs and operational complexity by providing a consistent approach to implementation of security services and capabilities.

Security Service Architecture

Security services are delivered through the combination of people, processes, technology and assurance activities. The design and implementation of effective security services requires consideration to be given to each of these elements.

Addressing each element during the architecture and design of your security services will enable you demonstrate that your business requirements for security have been met. It will also ensure that the services are effectively managed and maintained throughout their lifecycle so that the associated risks remain within your risk appetite.

Whether a security service is a strategic or tactical solution it must support and enable your business goals and objectives. Adopting a service oriented approach to security service architecture supports reuse, reducing complexity and maximising your return on investment.

Architecture and Design Review

Most security and privacy issues are introduced during the design of an information system. Performing architecture and design reviews ensures that issues that could weaken the security of a system are identified early in its lifecycle, significantly reducing the cost and effort required to address them.

A review of your proposed architecture or design will provide you with assurance that the information security and privacy risks associated with the information system will be appropriately managed. This includes analysing the design against your security requirements, policies and standards to identify any gaps or flaws, together with the actions required to address them.