Axenic Powered by Archer

Axenic has tooled up and invested in delivering its services using Archer, the market leader in Integrated Risk Management solutions. Combined with Archer’s services, the Axenic Powered by Archer portal currently supports PCI compliance, risk assessment & management and audit management.

The plethora of point in time paper reports and spreadsheets supporting enterprise risk and assurance will become a thing of the past.

Risk and Audit

The Risk and Audit management module provides organisations with the ability to automate and consolidate their cybersecurity risks, audits and continuously monitor the effectiveness of their risk management activities.

C&A as a Service Portal - If you are a Government agency you will have continuous visibility of risk management and assurance activities (Certification and Accreditation) across all systems and services within your organisation. The Executive Reporting dashboards ensure that enterprise wide reporting of risk and control status provides senior management with a real-time view of information and cyber security risks.

Risk and Assurance Portal - For commercial organisations our platform supports assessment of risks and control effectiveness and provides management with a view of operational risk management activities and risk profile over time. For organisations with ISO27001 conformance requirements the dashboard provides management with a view of risk during the period between compliance audits.

PCI Continuous Assurance

The PCI compliance module provides a continuous assurance model helping merchants, service providers and acquirers to:

  • Plan and automate PCI compliance activities
  • Manage and control their PCI activities on a day-to-day basis
  • Document, maintain and report their compliance progress for ease of access by other parties.
  • Define accountability and provide risk assurance
  • Avoid last minute surprises before the ROC

The Executive Reporting dashboards ensure that PCI compliance, organisational knowledge and audit artefacts which are retained in the centralised evidence repository are visible at a high level.

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Risk Dashboard

PCI Dashboard