Human Rights Measurement Initiative


HRMI (Human Rights Measurement Initiative) is a small, not-for-profit, global collaborative project focussed on producing metrics that track Human Rights performance as defined in Human Rights law. HRMI is comprised of academics and human rights experts from around the world, the first of its kind and independent from any government entity. Data is collected by respondents residing in the specific countries measured and the metrics are published on the HRMI website for anyone to freely access.

Axenic provided just the right person for the job with the right background and experiences and it seemed like a really thorough process that they helped make really easy


Last year, HRMI’s successful pilot in 13 countries (Angola, Australia, Brazil, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the UK) had given them the confidence to expand their reach to include all 170 countries who have signed/ratified the global human rights treaty.

At Axenic, we deal with a lot of large organisations. It was fulfilling to be able to help a smaller organisation with their delivery of a really worthwhile project


HRMI approached Axenic to help the organisation identify and manage the inherent risks associated with this important project. As part of Axenic’s commitment to supporting impactful citizenship initiatives, we were happy to donate the consulting time to HRMI at no cost.

The Challenge

The HRMI team knew that they needed a robust way to manage their security. The data collected for the survey metrics is very sensitive and protecting this information is crucial. In addition, the integrity of the information collected relies on HRMI being able to protect the identities of the respondents to ensure their safety. HRMI had identified concerns that some governments could act in a hostile manner if their performance results were negative.

Needing to find a more efficient and scalable way to collect information, while protecting the respondents’ privacy, HRMI had decided to procure and implement a new CRM. They needed expert advice on the security criteria the CRM would need to meet so that they could perform due diligence on the potential solution.

I was really happy to have the risks identified in the way that Axenic defined these for us


The Solution

Axenic worked with HRMI to undertake an information security risk assessment based on their business requirements and in collaboration with their third party suppliers. Axenic helped HRMI to identify specific security risks that they had not considered, confirmed some suspected risks and identified new risks.

Along with establishing the security requirements of HRMI’s new CRM, Axenic also helped HRMI identify broader risks impacting their wider service and ways to manage these.

Through the information security risk assessment, HRMI was able to identify the risks that they needed to manage and how to effectively protect the identities of the survey respondents and HRMI information.

The Results

As a result of the services provided by Axenic, HRMI are now able to:

  • Develop an updated security policy.
  • Have assurance that they are asking the correct security related questions when screening future third party providers.
  • Communicate confidently with their stakeholders about measures taken to keep survey respondents safe.
  • Communicate confidently to current survey respondents detailing how HRMI keeps their identities safe and how they can keep themselves safe.
  • Recruit more survey respondents through assurance that their identities will remain confidential.
  • Have confidence that they have the right information they need to select the best CRM solution to improve their operational efficiencies and provide them with scalability.
  • Have assurance that the controls that the CRM vendor has in place will meet their business needs and security requirements.

Through our work with HRMI, the not-for-profit has developed a good understanding of how information security can help them achieve a great citizenship outcome.

This initiative is an important part of improving human rights for people around the world that would otherwise not have a voice. Protecting the identities of individuals participating in this initiative and ensuring that HRMI is able to keep its information safe is absolutely critical. Axenic is happy to be able to lend our information security expertise to such a great cause


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