Another month goes by, and another newsletter is published…

What a difference a month makes!  Just last month we were reviewing recent news such as the Kaseya hack unaware that this month we’d be back in a level 4 lockdown. Fortunately, we are all pretty well set up to handle working from home this time around (while our thoughts go out to those industries not so fortunate to be able to transfer to the home office so easily).  Our latest newsletter is now out and as you’d expect, in this edition we touch on some of the “cyber-safe” working from home tips we have shared in the past along with our new “Staff Spotlight” section and the usual round-up of recent cybersecurity news that caught our eye.  Check out all the details in our latest newsletter.

Highlights from the Privacy Forum 2021

New Zealand Privacy Week 2021 was held recently; 10 – 14 May.  This annual event is designed to help promote privacy awareness and to help inform people of their rights under the Privacy Act.  A key event of the week was the Privacy Forum that was held here in Wellington on Friday 14 May.  If you were unable to attend, the good news is that Axenic were there and the following blog is a review of some of the key insights from the event courtesy of Axenic Principal Consultant Lisa Zannino. Read More

April 2021 Newsletter – Axenic Cybersecurity Commentary

Out now – the latest Axenic monthly infosec update. Our popular round-up of some of the cybersecurity-related events over the past month that caught our eye.  The edition this month includes a handy “Have you been pwnd?” check, Supply Chain Risk Management tools along with a wrap of our recent office event to celebrate our ISO27001 certification.  Read up on all this and more in the latest newsletter here. 

Axenic Cybersecurity newsletter

Lame names for Cybercriminals

Sometimes I think my cybersecurity colleagues believe they are living in a spy novel. I mean, we are all guilty of trying to make our day jobs sound more interesting or trying to make them sound more ‘sexy’, but this industry in particular takes the cake. Even the name “cybersecurity” is like “oooh, I work in a William Gibson novel!” Though we can’t fault someone trying to make their job sound better than “security guard at an online shopping mall”. Read More

Top Talks at COSAC – Sydney, December 2018

Last week Michael Price, Ahmed ElAshmawy and Chris Blunt from Axenic were fortunate enough to make the trip across the Tasman to Sydney for the 2nd annual COSAC APAC Security Conference.  All 3 had the chance to speak to the attendees and without any bias, Michael shares his take on the Top Talk and some other notable mentions.

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AISA 2018 conference review

Ahmed ElAshmawy from Axenic recently attended the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) conference – in our latest blog post he shares his experience and key insights.

Ahmed ElAshmawy – Axenic Principal Consultant

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