The CSRB, Microsoft, China and You

What does the recent report on Microsoft security mean?

In May-June 2023 a hacking group affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of State Security (known as Storm-0558) breached the email of several of Microsoft’s customers including the US State Department, the US Department of Commerce, several UK government organisations as well as customers in other countries. They also compromised the personal email accounts of key individuals involved in US relations with China. Read More

Going to Microsoft’s Ignite 2016 Conference? Check out Chris’s session

For those folks heading up to Microsoft’s Ignite session in Auckland from the 25th October, check out Chris’ session on Thursday 27th – “A practical approach to security in the cloud”.
As a teaser this is the abstract for the session: “Is your organisation or the one that you look after looking to take advantage of the benefits that cloud computing offers? Are you unsure how to address security in the cloud? Are you overwhelmed by the volume of contradictory advice and guidance? Do you need a practical approach to managing security risks when migrating to the cloud? If you answered “YES!” to any or all of these, then this is the session for you! You’ll leave this presentation with some real-world practical techniques for clearing both real and perceived security roadblocks to moving your organisation to the cloud.”


Risky Business

There is a significant focus within government agencies on the management of risks associated with the adoption of cloud services. This is to be expected as the general perception is that the “cloud” is risky and that adopting cloud services could result in bad outcomes.

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