What does a 1300km lockdown drive have in common with PCI?

“How does driving a 1,300km journey during the COVID-19 lockdown relate to PCI compliance?” I hear you say…

As those of you who know me, or have seen me present will know, I love a good metaphor.

Over Easter weekend I had the somewhat surreal experience of driving the 1,300km journey from home to Auckland International Airport and back again during New Zealand’s level 4 COVID-19 lockdown. On the trip home I was reflecting and couldn’t help thinking about the similarities between the lockdown, making this a safe compliant trip and PCI DSS compliance.

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Compliant Does Not Equal Secure.

On the 30 March Global Payments Inc. announced that it had suffered a data breach that had led to the Track 2 (i.e., the primary account number, expiration date, service code, PIN and CVV number) data of approximately 1.5 million credit cards being “exported” from its North American payment processing system.

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