Farewell Chris Blunt

It is now a little over 11 years since Chris Blunt and I started Axenic with the goal of changing the industry approach to information security.

When we first started Axenic, most security in NZ comprised a mix of firewall and network design operation with a bit of pen testing on the side. We had a vision of a more structured approach of managing information security risks to the business with the intent of being better able to justify investment in information security technology, people and processes. Over those 11 years, Chris and I are both very proud to have successfully built a solid, well-respected team delivering the information security services that we envisaged would really add value for our clients.

Having helped build a world-class information security company that lives this vision every day, Chris has decided that it is time for a change for himself personally and will be relocating to Northern Ireland. With this new chapter in his life, Chris will be moving on from Axenic.

Chris was a driver behind many of Axenic’s services and practices and has trained and mentored many of our staff. We are going to miss his deep knowledge, expertise and focus on what is really important for managing organisations’ information risks. The team at Axenic will continue to build and deliver on the legacy that Chris help instil in Axenic.

On behalf of the leadership team and our consultants here at Axenic, we wish Chris well on his new adventure.