Diversity in the workplace – International Women’s Day 2022

Take a moment to imagine a world with gender equality. No bias, no stereotypes, no discrimination. This year’s International Women’s Day focuses on encouraging people to overcome gender biases towards women. We are trying to eliminate gender bias by showing our support and encouraging diversity. We’re very fortunate that our team here at Axenic is made up of a number of passionate and experienced women who are all outstanding professionals in their field. In support and recognition of International Women’s Day this year, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to them.

Lisa Zannino -Principal Consultant: In her role as an Information Security Consultant, Lisa helps our customers continuously improve their information security maturity by providing practical, realistic advice. “I offer tailored and relevant advice whether it be as a virtual CISO or when helping an organisation to become certified against an international standard”.

Divya Dantuluri Consultant: Divya is an expert Information Security Consultant with hands-on experience leading and executing projects relating to Information Security. “I enjoy helping organisations meet their vision of applying security as part of their roles. When not engaging with my clients, cooking and meeting up with friends and whanau are some of my other interests.”

Nadine Porter – Engagement Manager: Having been a service/delivery professional for over 10 years, Nadine’s role at Axenic combines problem solving, relationship management, and “making it happen” skills. “My partner and I love to travel and experience new cultures together outside of work”.

Mai Mostafa – Engagement Manager: Helping clients thrive and succeed is Mai’s passion. In addition to providing support to our consultants, part of her role is to ensure successful projects are delivered on time. “My diverse professional background has given me the opportunity to make a difference and to make the world a better place”.

Linda Ashton – Operations Manager: As a business manager at Axenic Linda combines her love of people, processes, and business management. “I enjoy working in a team filled with passionate, knowledgeable, and motivated individuals”.

As an organisation, Axenic supports and encourages diversity within the workplace. Creating an environment where women feel valued is important to us. We are very fortunate to have a workplace where our employees can be themselves and participate in every business process.  Recent research shows that 25% of cybersecurity workers are women. It’s imperative that we get the message out that women are wanted, respected, and valued in the ever-present fight against cybercrime.

We are always on the lookout for awesome people to continue our track record of diversity in the workplace and would love to hear from you.